Punica Box

what's the Punica Box

In the past, when we wanted to begin developing on Ontology Blockchain, the first question we may ask is, "Where do I start?".
Now, we have a brief answer, “Start from Punica Box.
Punica Box is an example Ontology application and/or boilerplate that puts complimentary tools and libraries into a single, easily-downloadable package. Every Punica Box comes with libraries and tools already preinstalled, code that uses those libraries and tools, external scripts (if necessary), as well as helpful README's and documentation. All Punica Boxes are directly integrated into the Punica command line, and you need only type punica unbox <box name> to download and prepare your box of choice.
Before we begin a wonderful journey, ensure you've installed the latest version of Punica before opening your first box.

Unboxing the dApp

Install Punica.
pip install punica
Download the interplanetary-album box.
punica unbox interplanetary-album
Create virtual environments(optional).
virtualenv --no-site-packages venv

Official BOX

Pikachu Box

A box has all you need to know about building cross platform desktop dapps with Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Tutorial Token Box

A box has all you need to get started with our OEP-4 (TutorialToken) tutorial.

Bitcoin Catcher Box

A box has all you need to get started with our Cocos Creator (BitcoinCatcher) tutorial.

Interplanetary Album Box

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